quixel suite 2.3 texture painting baking model 3d تکسچرینگ pbr رندرینگ vpu vpu dfmrendering dfm 01

یکی از قدرتمندترین نرم افزارهای تکسچرینگ که در این چند سال اخیر تولید و توسعه یافته است همین Quixel Suite می باشد. Quixel Suite یک نرم افزار PBR Texturing بسیار کامل می باشد که رقیبی سرسخت برای تمام نرم افزارهای مشابه در این رده خواهد بود.
در نسخه جدید پشتیبانی کاملی از نرم افزارهای Adobe CC 2017 به عمل آمده است و تعامل Quixel Suite با Photoshop به نهایت خود رسیده است. در این نسخه میتوانید از اسکرین های 4K و HDPI استفاده کرده و تعامل این نرم افزار با Megascans بسیار زیادتر و بهینه تر شده است. همچنین از ادیتور داینامیک جدید در این نسخه رونمایی شده است.

quixel suite 2.3 texture painting baking model 3d تکسچرینگ pbr رندرینگ vpu vpu dfmrendering dfm 02در Quixel Suite هزاران متریال و brush اسکن شده با دقت بسیار بالا وجود دارد که میتواند کار را برای کاربران بسیار سریع نماید. از آنجایی که در ویرایش تصاویر و کار با تکسچرهای سایز بزرگ این نرم افزار هیچ محدودیتی را برای شما ایجاد نخواهد کرد، میتوانید به سادگی پروژه های بسیار بزرگی را با آن مدیریت کنید.
Quixel Suite تعامل بسیار خوبی با موتورهای بازی سازی دارد. از جمله آنها میتوان به Unreal Engine و Unity اشاره کرد که با مدلهای Paint شده در Quixel Suite به خوبی کار خواهند کرد و عملا میتوانید این نرم افزار را بخشی از پروسه کاری خود در این گونه موتورها در نظر بگیرید.

quixel suite 2.3 texture painting baking model 3d تکسچرینگ pbr رندرینگ vpu vpu dfmrendering dfm 03
در بخشی Texture Baking در مدلهای پیچیده و با جزییات بالا، از توان کارت گرافیک (GPU) برای Baking استفاده شده تا بتواند سرعتی بسیار بالا را در اختیار شما قرار دهد. از دیگر اصلاحات و رفع ایرادهای این نسخه میتوان به گزینه های زیر اشاره کرد.
- Added support to import multiple Megascans simultaneously.
- Fixed issues with multiple meshgroups not re-importing textures correctly
- Updated Quixel Colors to latest version
- Fixed bug where some workflows (UE4 (RMA) etc.) did not automatically set the FlipNormalY checkbox
- Exporter: always defaults to \flats as the output folder unless changed
- Exporter: fixed some anomalies with the UI
- Fixed bug where Megascans materials weren't showing thumbnails in DDO layer stack
- Allowed Re-importer and Base Creator windows to also accept PSB files as input
- Added "Normal" Material Blend mode to the DDO dropdowns.
- Fixed bug where Custom Material Creator would not load default (expected) camera/post-process settings in 3DO
- NDO: Fixed bug where NDO conversion would rename user PSD to BaseMaterial [Normal].psd in a temp folder
- Fixed bug where UE4 (RMA Packed) export preset would not correctly export AO in the reflection map.
- Added Fallout 4 export preset
- Fixed bug with Material Creator where Specular was being treated as a grayscale map, causing issues
- Fixed bugs with Megascans Import feature, where changing the default save location wasn't highlighting the correct material in the UI
- Material Updates: several new materials added across all categories; Decay materials are now replaced/moved to the Metal folder,
- Added option to enable/disable import optimizations when loading a mesh
- Mesh importer updated to latest version

quixel suite 2.3 texture painting baking model 3d تکسچرینگ pbr رندرینگ vpu vpu dfmrendering dfm 04

- Fixed re-importer issues with multiple mesh groups
- Reimporter now populates map links for multiple mesh groups.
- Reimporter color ID map for multiple mesh groups now works.
- Reimporter now correctly converts PSD files to PSB when switching from lower resolutions to > 8k (and vice versa; converting back to PSD from PSB)
- Updated Exporter to force 32-bits for Arnold linear preset
- Removed redundant option in DDO menu to re-import Mesh (as this can now be done through the re-importer window)
- Fixed bug where the Mesh Import process would run twice in some scenarios
- Fixed bug with Material Browser hiding indefinitely if Create button is pressed on an Empty (Custom) category
- Fixed bug with Dynamask window where ID Brightness tab value wasn't being stored and retrieved correctly from the project XML
- Fixed bug with grayscale maps exported with minute graininess in them (due to conversion to RGB)
- Updated Dota2 export preset
- Renamed LoL export preset to "Hand-painted"
- Added Instant Light PBR Renderer export preset
- DDO Projection Creation: Removed prompt to re-enter project resolution if no inputs are provided, which was ignoring the setting already provided
- Fixed bug where AlbedoM was not propagating correctly to 3DO in 3D paint mode
- Fixed bug where SUITE updater window wasn't launching automatically on new version
- Updated SUITE UI to correctly scale on HDPI resolutions
- Fixed "Learn" URL on Updater window
- Improved compatibility logic for automatic XML updates for when new Photoshop Versions are launched
- Fixed bug where RMA packed UE4 exporter generates wrong AO in blue channel (from other mesh group)

quixel suite 2.3 texture painting baking model 3d تکسچرینگ pbr رندرینگ vpu vpu dfmrendering dfm 05

- Fixed symmetry painting for x/y planes for the fourth quadrant
- Fixed issue with metalness default value not being set in some cases
- Fixed minimum brush size not being respected with pen pressure, when setting in the options
- Fixed maximize issues after moving title-bar in fullscreen mode
- Added GGX checkbox to toggle GGX at runtime
- Fixed bump map intensity lower than normal
- Fixed default settings for bakers (when creating new project)
- Fixed general UI scaling
- Fixed bug where clicking on post processing would trigger resizing
- Fixed bug where painting would stop completely if Symmetry painting was enabled
- Fixed bug where Repeating a paint stroke wasn't functioning correctly with Symmetry painting
- Fixed bug where the distance threshold for latching on a mesh for viewport rotation/zooming was inconsistent with respect to mesh sizes.
- Added support for latched rotation/zooming with Primitive meshes as well
- Fixed bug where brush sizes were inconsistent with respect to mesh sizes
- Fixed inconsistencies with Wireframe mode; color picker was affecting both wireframe and painting color simultaneously, wireframe mode toggling was buggy etc.
- Updated 3DO UI icons to have better Anti-aliasing
- Improved Wireframe shaders performance

quixel suite 2.3 texture painting baking model 3d تکسچرینگ pbr رندرینگ vpu vpu dfmrendering dfm 06

- Fixed gloss preview shader to show correct value
- Separated Metalness and Roughness maps for 3DO to be able to show variations such as Metalness and Gloss
- Fixed bug where maps that were NOT being painted on in color paint mode Fullbright shaders would show black.
- Fixed bug where entering light values in input field and pressing Enter would update UI but not update lighting
- Fixed bug where AmbientIntensity was not being saved as part of postProcess preset values
- 3DO window can now be resized from any side
- Updated all multimap map shaders to properly calculate Gamma/Linear values when lerping in paint mode
- Updated PBR shader to correctly calculate values for each component (Gamma/Linear corrections)
- Increased the range for Proximity Tolerance Slider in paint mode to allow more flexibility
- Brush sizes are now relative to the mesh; this should avoid cases where brush would stay small on larger meshes
- Brushes now have tool tips (names)
- Brushes can now be added to favorites
- Updated to latest version of Unity and OpenGL
- Viewport: Added mouse icons to indicate when camera is close enough to latch to 3d points on the mesh for rotation/scaling etc.
- Fixed rendering inconsistency issues with 3D painting shaders
- Fixed issues with other map shaders going black in color paint mode
- Fix Roughness not matching expected values
- Updated UI to be scalable for HDPI resolutions
- Added new "Favourites" tab for paint brushes
- Baker: Fixed issues with AO/Curvature not baking the first tile sometimes
- Added auto-save UI settings feature in 3DO (last used settings remain persistent across sessions)