مانیتور بنکیو گیمینگ BenQ XR3501 35 inch Curved LED Gaming 2000R Ultra Curve 144Hz AMVA Panel 2560x1080 16.7M RGB Color 8bits 21:9 2K HDMI 1.4 DP 1.2 Mini-DP 4ms

کد محصول: خمیده BenQ XR350مانیتور بنکیو اینچ کالیبره ای پی اس فول اچ دی مونیتور دیسپلی سری ام ایکس سری پی ای سری وی ایکس رزولوشن گیمینگ پنل تی ان پنل ای پی اس 1 35 inch Curved LED Gaming 2000R Ultra Curve 144Hz AMVA Panel 2560x1080 16.7M RGB Color 8bits 21:9 2K HD
مجموعه : (Monitor) صفحه نمایش توليد کننده: BenQ CoBenQ Co
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The all new, best-of-the-best XR3501 lets you immerse yourself completely in any racing game, with a massive 35” curved display featuring the best color graphics, 2000R ultra curve all-covered field of vision, 2560x1080 resolution, Black eQualizer for total visibility, and the highest refresh rate available today. Watch as the checkered flag twirls and waves.

Designed for a more immersive racing experience, the XR3501 straps gamers in their seats with its 2000R curvature and 144Hz refresh rate. The ultimate high-performance 35 inch curved gaming monitor will empower you to Feel The Thrill Of The Curve.

2000R Ultra Curve

All-Covered Field Of Vision

The smooth, curved shape of the XR3501 display is designed to completely consume your field of vision. The action on the screen fills your periphery, eliminates any distractions and creates a true real-world gaming experience.


144Hz Refresh Rate

Smooth Operator

With the High 144Hz refresh rate, you get a consistently flawless view of all the details within the fast-moving action. Fluid transitions are ensured for the smoothest gameplay at all times.


BenQ XR3501   60~75Hz

Other Monitors

21:9 Ultra wide & High Resolution

See All That You Can See

The 35” XR3501 delivers a stunning picture with a 21:9 aspect ratio and offers a crisp 2560 x 1080 resolution, so you can see what’s coming on the track - from the decals on your opponents’ cars to the roadside grass and leaves on the trees you speed by.


20-Level Color Vibrance

Optimize Gaming Precision With 20-Level Color Vibrance Setting

The XR3501 gives you the flexibility you need to get the color performance you seek. There are 20 levels of Color Vibrance setting built into the monitor to meet gamers’ specific viewing requirements and preferences for different types of gameplay.

Black eQualizer

Let There Be Light -- Black eQualizer For Total Visibility

Poor visibility in dark scenes can cost even the most skillful gamers their game. The XR3501 comes with built-in Black eQualizer color engine technology to brighten dark scenes without over-exposing the bright areas. Do the other cars seem to vanish in the darkness of a tunnel? Throw some light on the problem with Black eQualizer, boosting the brightness of darker regions of the screen without blowing up the well-lit areas. What’s more, with maximized visual clarity, you’ll also experience more eye comfort and less eye fatigue during intense games or after a long day of practice.

With Black eQualizer   Without Black eQualizer

3 Exclusive Game Modes

Top Gamers’ Secret Weapons

Special gaming presets used by professional players are included with the XR3501 so you can see what the pros see. Each mode is fine-tuned so you can leverage these exclusive presets used by pro gamers to your own advantage.


● Gamer1: Car Racing Game

● Gamer2: First Person Shooting Game

● Gamer3: First Person Shooting Game

نمایش بیشتر
نمایش کمتر

مشخصات فنی

  • 178/178
  • HDMI 1.4 x 2
    DP1.2 x 1 + miniDP x 1
    Audio Line In/Out
    Headphone Jack
  • 16.7M (RGB 8bits)
  • 12ms, 4ms (GtG)
  • 2000:1
  • 2560x1080
  • XR3501 144Hz
  • 21:9
  • 35 inch
  • AMVA
  • Black eQualizer Yes
    Free Sync Yes
    Color Vibrance Yes
    Super Resolution Yes
    PIP/PBP Yes
    AMA Yes
    Display Mode Full/ Aspect Ratio/ 1:1
    Picture Mode Standard / Gamer1 / Gamer2 / Gamer3 /
    Movie / sRGB / Photo / Custom1 / Custom2
    Low Blue Light Yes
    Flicker-free Yes
    Senseye3 Yes
    Win7/8/8.1 Yes
    Mac Compatible Yes
    HDCP Yes
    VESA Wall Mounting(mm) 100mm x 100mm ,
    need transfer kit
    Tilt (Down/ UP)(C) -5~15
    Back Light Unit LED
    Panel Type AMVA
    LCD Size 35"
    Aspect Ratio 21:9
    Curvature 2000R
    Max. Resolution 2560x1080
    Typ. Contrast 2000:1
    Viewing Angle
    (L/R;U/D) (CR>=10) 178/178
    Refresh Rate 144Hz
    Typ. Response Time
    (Tr+Tf) (ms) 12ms, 4ms (GtG)
    Display Colors 16.7M (RGB 8bits)HDMI Input HDMI 1.4 x 2
    DP Input DP1.2 x 1 + miniDP x 1
    Audio Line In/Out Yes
    Headphone Jack Yes
    Power Supply (90~264 AC) Adapter
    Power Consumption (On Mode)
  • مانیتور بنکیو زاویه دید 178 درجه، full hd و 2k ، نسبت تصویر 21:9 مدل BenQ XR3501 Curved 144Hz پنل IPS technology و 100% sRGB و response time 4ms

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