قلم نوری-تبلت هئیون سری HUION HS610 هویون

کد محصول: Digital Pen HUION HS610 Pressure 8192Levels
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  • Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance
  • 350 x 211.8 x 8mm
  • 10.29KG
  • PC mode: 254 x 158.8mm (10 x 6.25in); Phone mode: 158.8 x 99.2mm
  • 12 Customized Press Keys
  • 5080 LPI
  • Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance
  • 16 Customized Soft Keys
  • 60° tilt support
  • Yes
  • 8192Levels
  • No
  • Android phone/tablet connection: Thanks to the new added Android phone/tablet connection feature, you can deliver your brilliant idea by connecting this device to an Android phone/tablet.

    Touch ring + Handy express keys: Comes with 12 user-defined express keys and 1 touch ring, it is easy to customize the express key as you like, greatly saving your time.

    Excellent pen performance: HS610 comes with a PW100 battery-free pen which equipped with 8192 pen pressure level and ±60° tilt support, bringing you with more enjoyable pen strokes experience when drawing.

    Work area: PC/ laptop work area is 254 x 158.8mm and mobile phone/tablet work area is 158.8 x 99.2mm.

    Pen resolution: 5080LPI; Report rate: 266PPS; Weight: 600g; Thickness: 8mm; Sensing height: 10mm; Interface support: Micro USB.

    OS Compatibility: Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later, and Android 6.0 or later (OTG supported devices).

    Product description

    A graphics tablet can be connected to your phone/ tablet

    The HS610 graphic tablet is a brand new product that can be connected not only to a PC/laptop but also to an Android phone/tablet to use. Coupled with a weight of 600g and a thickness of 8mm, this device is very lightweight and easy to carry, so you can pack this device into your bag and carry around conveniently.

    Excellent pen performance

    HS610 is equipped with the PW100 battery-free pen, which sets you free from the charging issues. Together with 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity and ±60° tilt support, you can enjoy more accurate and natural strokes, bringing you a more real paper-like drawing experience.

    Customize the express keys as you like

    Free to set up the 12 hard express keys and 16 soft express keys according to your habits. Together with 1 touch ring, this combination helps a lot to improve your working efficiency and save your time.

    Work area

    Because the work area of a PC/laptop is different from a phone/tablet, so the work area of the HS610 graphic tablet will be different according to the different connection way you choose. For a PC/laptop connection, the work area for the graphic tablet is 254 x 158.8mm. For an Android phone/tablet connection, the work area will be 158.8 x 99.2mm.

    266PPS+5080 LPI

    266PPS helps to sense the pen movement agilely, with almost no delay lines. 5080 LPI high pen resolution makes the pen stroke more delicate and natural, which can easily achieve pixel-level painting display. Thanks to these configurations, your working flow is greatly improved.
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  • قلم نوری-تبلت هئیون سری HUION HS610 هویون

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