Corona Renderer 2 for 3ds Max RC1

Corona Renderer 2 for 3ds Max RC1
همانطور که میدانید نسخه Release Candidate بسیار نزدیک به نسخه نهایی است و بعد از دریافت فیدبک های کاربران نسخه نهایی ارسال خواهد شد.
مشخصات و قابلیت های جدید کرونا 2 را میتوانید در زیر مشاهده فرمایید
Heterogeneous media support (new 3D mode for CoronaVolume material; Phoenix FD, FumeFX support; CoronaVolumeGrid for OpenVDB support)
Render VRayMtl and VRayLight without conversion (even if V-Ray is not installed!)
Corona Official Toolbar added
Around 150 new materials in the Material Library, including hair; where appropriate, materials now use Real World Scale or CoronaTriplanar mapping
Improved Denoising of Bump maps
Center Bias and Vignetting added for CoronaCamera Bokeh effects
IR no longer starts with full render resolution when first run.
Memory improvements - Decreased memory consumption of all scenes by 5-15%; Motion Blur requires significantly less memory; and more
Rendering speedups - Significantly faster rendering of Shadow Catcher in "For Compositing" mode; parsing of Motion Blur is now faster
MANY bug fixes, UI improvements, and general improvements!
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