Ornatrix for Maya 2.0

Ornatrix for Maya 2.0
شبیه ساز مو و پشم Ornatrix 2.0 برای مایا منتشر شد
در این بروز رسانی تغییراتی در بخش فیزیک برای شبیه سازی موهای زیاد و حجیم در نظر گرفته شده است. همچنین روشهایی برای نمایش real-time خروجی نهایی به صورت پیش نمایش به برنامه اضافه شده است و امکان ویرایش و اصلاح موهای مشترک و روی هم افتاده وجود دارد.
Moov Hair physics to provide a new way to simulate any type of hair, complex or simple.
Harmonic Oscillator operator to provide a quick and easy real-time way of simulating basic fur and hair dynamics.
Normalize operator to fix intersecting hairs.
Clumping operator with features like per-clump management and clump patterns.
Braids Shape to allow creating procedural braid patterns on your characters with ease.
Push Away From Surface operator for accurate surface penetration fixing.
Resolve Collisions operator to robustly keep hair away from an object, with animation controls.
Change Width operator with a better way of controlling hair width.
Importing Alembic hair from external assets with all information intact.
Adopt External Guides operator to use a separate guides object for controlling pre-modelled hair.
Weaver and Weaver Pattern for generating woven hairs such as in rattan furniture, wire fences, or cloth.
Scatter operator to create feathers and foliage.
Ornatrix V-Ray Primitive for smoothly rendering hair with low segment counts.
Many more improvements to existing features including the addition of SeExpr, render attributes, and others.
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