Yeti 3.5

Yeti 3.5

شرکت Peregrine Labs از شبیه ساز قدرتمند مو ، پشم و پر Yeti 3.5 برای Maya خبر داد
در این نسخه پشتیبانی از Alembic و OpenImageIO به برنامه اضافه شده است.
شبیه ساز Yeti 3.5 از موتورهای رندرینگ Arnold, Clarisse, Guerilla Render, Redshift, RenderMan و V-Ray پشتیبانی میکند که در این صورت هیچ مشکلی در استفاده از آن با مایا نخواهید داشت.
در این نسخه به واسطه ساپورت alembic چندین Node جدید به برنامه اضافه شده است که میتوانید Mesh و داده های curve را از فایلهای alembic به محیط برنامه وارد نمایید.

Updated to MtoA 3.3.0 and Arnold 5.4.0.
Implemented Automatic Parting on Groom nodes, this uses an angle threshold to automatically modulate strand weights to make creating hair parts more easily.
Part Randomness parameter will now modulate the painted part_randomness attribute on Grooms.
integrated a new Volumetric guide model, all guides will default to this with the option to toggle between Volumetric (defalut) and Shape Matching (original) on each input guide curve.
re-implemented Twist into new Volumetric guide model.
added Random Twist as a new guide curve parameter.
replaced Base and Tip Attraction with an Attraction Profile using a curve to define the shape along the length of the input Guide.
added Max Clump Influences to the Guide node, by default it is 1 (as previous releases) but this allows users to increase the number of guides used for clumping (Attraction).
added a new File node to read external geometry (Curves and Meshes) into the graph via Alembic files.
added Alembic Exporter to pgYetiCommand using the -writeAlembic argument, this will write an evaluated Yeti node into an Alembic file across a frame range including multiple time samples.
A nodes Render density, width and length will be used by default when exporting an Alembic cache but can be overridden with the -alembicDensity, -alembicWidth and -alembicLength command line parameters.
Added a new Switch utility node.
Integrated OpenImageIO for better resource usage and more flexible image format support.
Added ‘Obey Density’ option for relaxation during scatter.
added the option to select either Parametric (3.1.x and below style) or Projection (new, and default) based texture coordinates for feathers.
Added Disable Surface Collision to brush options.
Strand end point positions can now be locked by holding the C key while sculpting.
A point is now drawn at the base of all Groom strands, even if zero length, to ensure better strand visualization.
Added node deletion command to pgYetiGraph command.
pgYetiPreRender will be removed from the render globals when the last Yeti node has been removed from a scene.
added a Seed attribute to Braids.
added the option to bake input mesh texture coordinates to vertices (vs. per face per vertex) in the Attribute node accessible as a vtxcoord vector attribute.


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